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This is now our fourteenth year of offering our Wills service at so we have decided to refresh the look and feel of our site. Our website and service are now fully responsive; as well as looking more modern, it is fully functional on all devices including your phone and tablet.

Since August 2010 we have been offering information and entertainment through our blog at There are well over 100 articles there, but with our newly designed site we have decided to migrate our blog over to

So we are starting afresh, but hopefully it won’t take us long to share another hundred or so articles with you.


Tim Hewson

3 thoughts on “New home for our blog

  1. Jen Jen says:

    Thanks for providing these answers – forthright and somewhat humorous at times. This is all very helpful information; I’ll also send it along to some of my family members.

  2. Eva Eva says:

    the services you offer look intriguing. However,
    what concerns me is the security of information I would provide.
    Would you please comment?
    Thank you
    Eva JR

    • legalwills legalwills says:

      Thanks for the comment Eva. There are a number of ways to answer this question. Firstly, we use encryption on our database so nothing is stored as plain text. We do not store documents on our servers, only encrypted responses to questions e.g. 010 means single, 110 means married etc. So even if somebody were to hack into our servers, they wouldn’t read anybody’s documents, they would just see a jumble of 1’s and zeros.

      The only way to un-encrypt the information is with your User ID and password, and you create this. It is vital that you use a strong password when setting up your account; not “password” or “abc123”.

      In our 14 years offering this service, we have never experienced a data breach, even with the Heartworm bug that went around earlier this year. No account has been compromised in our history.

      All of our team are based in Canada, and have been with the company at least 10 years. We do not outsource any work overseas, do not use any temporary workers and nobody has access to your data unless you explicitly order our document printing service.

      Thanks for the question, I hope I have addressed the concern.

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