A Government of Canada Will Kit – Does it exist?

Every Canadian adult should have a Will in place. It is a document that should be written as you turn 18 or 19, and should be updated throughout your life as your circumstances change. If we know that everybody should have a Will, it’s a reasonable question: is there a Government of Canada Will Kit that is made available to every Canadian? And if so, how do I get one?

The short answer is: “No, there is no Government of Canada Will kit”. This article explains why there isn’t, and what other options may be available to you.

Government of Canada Will Kit
Credit: 123rf

What is a Will kit?

To understand a Will kit, you have to understand what constitutes a legal Last Will and Testament. The requirements for a legal Will are that it must be in writing, on paper, and signed in the presence of two witnesses. There is no requirement to write a Will with a lawyer, or to have it stamped or registered. It simply needs to be a piece of paper that clearly states that the document is your Last Will and Testament. Ideally, it should include an Executor appointment, but at a minimum it should explain who will be receiving what parts of your “estate” (all of your assets, possessions, and financial assets).

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