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CBC's Market Place attacks the Canadian Legal Will Kit

Think twice about using a Do-It-Yourself Will Kit

July 10, 2001 -- On a show first broadcast last year, the consumer affairs TV show 'Market Place' attacked a product called the Canadian Legal Will Kit, and questioned the use of all Do-It-Yourself Will kits.

Having seen the $1 million advertising campaign on the Canadian Legal Will Kit, a couple with a young child purchased two Will kits and a Power of Attorney kit for $80.  They thought that the kit was "easy to follow, very straightforward… but it makes you wonder 'is it legit?' ".

To find out if the Will really was legitimate, Market Place took the finished document to a lawyer specializing in estate planning and the drafting of Wills.  She noted that "What is not in here is more important than what is in here" and went on to explain that the problem with most kits is that they are too simple.  The Canadian Legal Will Kit did not give enough advice or warnings about potential problems.  The Will that was created was so basic that it was missing crucial information including a survivability clause covering the event that both parents and their only child all died at the same time (an unfortunately all too common occurrence when families travel together).

The lawyer profiled in Market Place charges $600 to draft a Will, claiming that this is more cost effective than paying the cost of litigation arising from the absence of information in a poorly written Will. is delighted that Market Place has highlighted the inadequacy of most Do-It-Yourself Will kits.  CEO Tim Hewson agrees that the essence of a legal Will is little more than stating that 'I, John Doe, leave everything to my wife Mary' and having that statement signed and witnessed.  By providing this, and little else, a Do-It-Yourself Will kit is able to offer a simple template for creating a legal Will, but it is very likely to be contested in a court of law if other people are omitted, or if one spouse does not survive the other.

The question-and-answer wizard employed by the MyWill™ service at forces our members to think about all of the common questions that form the basis of a comprehensive Will, including: making alternate arrangements, specifying guardianship of minors, forgiving debts and other important issues.  With online help available at every step of the way, a member not only creates a legal Will, but also understands the issues and nuances involved in the Will making process.  In addition, the MyWill™ service offers members the option of having their Will reviewed by a legal professional who can check each individual Will for completeness and consistency.  Something that is not available from a Do-It-Yourself Will kit.

Of course, there will still be some instances where the MyWill™ service at may not be appropriate.  For example, if an estate is extremely complex with property in many countries, or if there is a desire to disinherit a spouse or child.  For most people however, the MyWill™ service will be more than suitable, as it has been designed to handle all common individual situations (single, married, widowed, divorced, same-sex relationships, with or without children) and to take into account the legal differences in all of the states and provinces in North America.  Nevertheless, after stepping through the question-and-answer wizard, the member will know whether or not the Will produced is acceptable for their particular situation.  If the member feels that their situation is more complex or unusual than the MyWill™ service can handle, even after stepping through the MyWill™ question-and-answer wizard, offers a 100% money back guarantee.

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