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  • Why should you document your funeral wishes?

    First of all, it is a thoughtful and considerate gesture for your loved ones who would otherwise be faced with a battery of questions and options at a time when they are least capable of dealing with them.  You may have discussed in general terms with your family whether you would rather be buried or cremated, or that you would prefer a big party over a somber get together, but most people do not even consider these basic questions until they reflect on their own mortality.  For many people it is also a difficult subject to discuss seriously and openly with their friends and family.  However, even if you have made your basic wishes known, did you share your views on the overall cost of the funeral service, or who you would like to be present, or any readings or music that you feel would be appropriate at your service?  And what guarantee do you have that your wishes will be remembered or communicated when the time is right?

  • Let us worry about communicating your wishes to your designated friends or family members when the time is right.

    Do you wish to be buried or cremated?  In which cemetery?  Where would you like your ashes to go?  Open casket or closed?  Who do you want to be there?  Would you prefer people to celebrate your life, or reflect on your passing?  How do you feel about organ donation?  How much should be spent on your funeral?  The possibilities are endless.  Yet the only way to ensure that your wishes are carried out, is to list them here.

  • A funeral service should be an expression of your life, and of your character.

    You should be able to decide who will attend, what the atmosphere should be like, and where you would like it to be held.  If you would like to be cremated, you should also be able to specify where you would like your ashes to be buried, or if they should be scattered at a place that is meaningful to you.

  • By stating your preferences for your funeral arrangements, your family will be able to control costs.

    How much money should be spent?  Should it be a final fitting tribute to your life on Earth, or should it be a modest affair as you feel that the money could be better spent if it were passed on to a charity or to your family?  The decisions that will be left to the organizers of your funeral will require them to make tradeoffs on price against worthiness, and these difficult decisions will be made at a time of great loss.

  • You only need to answer the questions you feel comfortable answering.

    If you step through the MyFuneral™  wizard you will find all of the above questions, and more, that you will be able to answer.  Make these decisions now, on your own behalf, and obtain peace of mind knowing that your funeral service will reflect what is right for you.

  • You can make unlimited updates for the rest of your life.

    You can keep your documented funeral wishes with for your entire life, updating them whenever you please.  We take care of informing your friends and family where your funeral wishes are located, so that they can access them from anywhere in the world after you have passed away.  Join for FREE right now.

Document your Funeral Wishes right now using the MyFuneral™  wizard

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MyFuneral™- Frequently Asked Questions

It is rare for people to tell one another about their funeral wishes, and those that do only cover the most superficial details such as whether they wish to be buried or cremated.  By using the MyFuneral™  service, you can specify as little or as much detail about your funeral wishes as is important to you.  Also, because your funeral wishes are stored on our secure servers here at, it also ensures that your wishes are easily located and accessible to your designated Keyholders®, not hidden in some document in some drawer that no one can find, or may not even know exists.

Furthermore, when you die it will be a stressful time for your loved ones, family and friends, who will be left to organize your legal and financial details as well as your funeral arrangements at a time when they will be most vulnerable and least able to cope with some difficult choices.  Your actual funeral arrangements should be a reflection of your personal wishes, and your family and friends will find comfort in knowing that your wishes are being carried out.  Without communicating your wishes, it could lead to disagreements between your loved ones when they discuss the painful decisions that they are trying to make on your behalf.  Services such as those provided by a funeral home will often attempt to ease the burden by stepping in and offering choices of several different packages, with varied pricing, and the decisions can become even more difficult.

Funerals rank among the most expensive purchases many consumers will ever make.  A traditional funeral, including a casket and vault, costs about $6,000, although "extras" like flowers, obituary notices, acknowledgment cards or limousines can add thousands of dollars to the bottom line.  Many funerals run well over $10,000.  Yet even if you're the kind of person who might haggle with a dozen dealers to get the best price on a new car, you're likely to feel uncomfortable comparing prices or negotiating over the details and cost of a funeral, pre-need or at need.  Compounding this discomfort is the fact that some people "overspend" on a funeral or burial because they think of it as a reflection of their feelings for the deceased.

Hence, expressing your personal wishes for your own funeral arrangements is a thoughtful decision, showing consideration and easing the burden on your family.  Going through the MyFuneral™  wizard will make you think about a number of issues that may never have occurred to you.  You will find the wizard interesting, informative and engaging.  You will be able to complete a plan that will be appropriate, affordable and that conforms to your wishes.  You may have different religious beliefs to those around you, or perhaps you want a special type of service, or particular music you wish to be played, or a special poem to be read, or a personal message to be communicated to those in attendance; a final chance to say goodbye.  Every funeral should be as unique as every life.  Remember, a funeral is sadly one of the few occasions that all of your loved ones will be gathered together.  Would you like them to mourn respectfully, or throw a festive party in your honour?

Many people believe that their funeral wishes will be carried out if they document them in their Last Will and Testament.  However, a Will is an inappropriate document in which to detail your funeral wishes, simply because it will usually be located and read long after the final arrangements have occurred.  Hence, using a service such as the MyFuneral™  service will ensure that your wishes are heard, understood and followed when the time is right.

You only need to answer the questions you feel comfortable answering.  The MyFuneral™  wizard will step you through many questions regarding the style and cost of your funeral.  It will also help you to make many decisions regarding your final arrangements, including:

  • whether you want any of your organs (or your whole body) to be donated
  • if you wish to be buried or cremated, or some other option
  • where you would like your service to be held
  • the type of casket or container in which you will be buried or cremated
  • if and where you would like an obituary placed, or any donations to be sent
  • where your remains will be buried, stored, or scattered
  • the details of your ceremony
  • details about any marker you want to show where your remains are buried or interred
  • any messages you would like to be read out during your service
  • what will happen after the funeral

You may want to step through the questions with your family to share in this planning.  You could even take your documented wishes to a local funeral home and pre-pay for the services that you specify, relieving your family of the financial responsibility.  Your funeral wishes are not legally binding, so it may be prudent to share these plans with family members who will be acting on your behalf.  This document will reflect your personal preferences regarding your funeral arrangements, and those you leave behind will usually respect your written wishes.

The MyFuneral™  service steps you through a simple question and answer wizard, formats your answers into a readable format, allows you to store your information securely online and allows you to make unlimited updates.  You can then designate your own personal "Keyholders®", who with their unique ID can unlock your funeral wishes at the appropriate time.

See our Products & Prices page for more details.

After stepping through the MyFuneral™  question and answer wizard you will be able to store your preferences securely online here at  This information can only be unlocked by a personal Keyholder®  designated by you, using their unique, randomly generated ID.  After you have passed away, your Keyholder®  will be able to access your funeral wishes from anywhere in the world by visiting the website.

All of the necessary instructions for creating and notifying your Keyholders®  of their responsibilities are provided for you as a member of  If you wish, you can even send them a personalized wallet card to store in a safe place, containing all of the information they need to login and view your funeral wishes when the time is right.

Your Keyholders®  are selected by yourself and should be trusted friends, family members or loved ones. Even so, there are security mechanisms in place to help prevent premature access to your wishes.  In particular, your Keyholders®  will each be given a unique, randomly generated ID, which will allow them to request access to your information.  At that time, you will be sent an email notifying you of this request, and you will have an opportunity to refuse this request if you feel that access should not be granted.  If you do not respond to this email within a period of time designated by yourself, then the information will be unlocked and the Keyholder®  will be able to view your funeral wishes.

Your funeral wishes are an expression of your desires surrounding your funeral, organ donation, cremation, burial, and any related services.  As with any funeral planning, these wishes do not constitute a legally binding document.  The ultimate decisions rest with your next of kin.  Typically, your next of kin will welcome and be very grateful for the efforts that you have made to express your funeral wishes and will honour your requests.

The wizard can be completed in about 10 minutes, after which you will have a formatted document reflecting your desires for your funeral arrangements.  However, it is likely that many of the questions contained within the wizard will get you thinking about issues that you haven't previously considered.  Some of the questions may make you want to investigate your options further, such as your choice of funeral home.  Or there may be some questions that you would like to discuss further with your loved ones. 

The wizard does not need to be completed in one sitting.  You can answer a couple of questions and then store these wishes securely online here at until you have a few more minutes to answer additional questions.  If you prefer, you can spend many weeks or months making unlimited updates until you are happy with your final results.

All of our data is securely stored in a highly encrypted format on database servers. To protect against catastrophic data loss, daily backups are performed on each of our servers. Hence, if any one of our servers experienced technical difficulties, the data would not be at risk.

Furthermore, physical protection of our primary systems includes:

  • Fire detection and fire suppression systems with dry pipe pre-action sprinkler systems
  • N + 1 redundant power supplies, providing dual power feeds and backup batteries, water coolant systems and generators
  • N + 1 redundant climate control, providing primary and backup chiller units, cooling towers, and water storage
  • Local network operations center (NOC) for monitoring all data center operations
  • 24x7 monitoring and support of network connection and server availability
  • 24x7 uniformed guard service with interior and exterior closed-circuit television surveillance
  • Electronic access at all data center entrances, including biometric hand scanners
  • Electronic key management systems and individually keyed cabinets

As you can see, we take the security and privacy of all of our member information very seriously.

Services such as MyFuneral™, MyLifeLocker™, MyVault™, and MyMessages™ do not create legal documents and make no assumptions about your country of residence. 

We have worked extensively with lawyers in Canada to ensure that the legal documents created by the MyWill™, MyExpatWill™, MyPowerOfAttorney™ and MyLivingWill™ services are up to date with the laws in all of the provinces in Canada, including: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Québec, Saskatchewan, and Yukon.  Hence, our services can be used to generate legal documents in any Canadian Province or Territory.

If you have any doubts about the legal standing of any documents in your jurisdiction, feel free to seek legal counsel in your area to have your documents reviewed.

There is a considerable amount of information included in the on-line help of the MyFuneral™  wizard.  This will answer most of the common questions regarding the steps included in planning your own funeral. 

For information about the other services available, or about in general, you can browse this website or send an email to [email protected].  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Document your Funeral Wishes right now using the MyFuneral™  wizard

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