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Products & Prices

Last Will and Testament

$39.95 CAD

Mirror Will for your spouse/partner (40% discount)

$23.97 CAD

Power of Attorney

$29.95 CAD

Living Will(Power of Attorney for Health Care)

$19.95 CAD

Expatriate Will for Assets Held in Canada

$39.95 CAD

Expatriate Will for Assets Held in the United States

$39.95 CAD

Expatriate Will for Assets Held in the United Kingdom

$39.95 CAD

Life Locker for Storing Personal Information

$29.95 CAD

Upload important files to your Vault


Document Your Funeral Wishes and Organ Donation Preferences


Write Final Messages Which Are Only Delivered After You Pass Away


Store Your Documents Online With Unlimited Updates for 1 Year


Extend Storage and Unlimited Updates Beyond 1 Year

Our pricing is extremely reasonable. You only pay once for any of the above products, which includes 1 year of storage and unlimited updates. Thereafter, should you wish to extend your membership, you only pay a flat fee for storage costs after the first year, and can continue to make unlimited updates to all of your documents, regardless of how many products you have purchased:

Add 1 year: $11.95 CAD
Add 5 years: $24.95 CAD (50% savings)
Add 10 years: $34.95 CAD (70% savings)
Add 25 years: $74.95 CAD (75% savings)
Lifetime: $124.95 CAD

Discount Off the Above Prices for Your Spouse or Partner

40% OFF

Complicated Will, Power of Attorney or Living Will?
Get it Reviewed By One of Our Lawyers

$69.00 CAD

Why are we so much cheaper than a lawyer?

The short answer: We paid the lawyers so that you don't have to!

For a more thorough explanation, please read our blog article: The Cost of a Will in Canada – Explained.

No Automated Subscriptions

Unlike our competitors...
  • We do not store your payment details.
  • We never automatically charge a subscription.
  • You are not required to cancel anything.

30 Day Money Back 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We will provide you with a full refund if you are not completely satisfied.

More Information

Create and Store Your Documents Online

  • Simply use our step-by-step question-and-answer wizard to create a document.
  • At the end of the wizard, you can preview the first page of your document and only if you are happy with the results are you asked to pay for the service in order to view/print your entire document.
  • You choose your own Userid and Password to use for accessing your document and to make changes online at any time, or to create additional documents.
  • Make unlimited updates to any of your documents, at any time, for no extra charge, as long as you have a membership. (Why pay a lawyer every time you need to update your Will, Power of Attorney or Living Will?)
  • You can take advantage of our unique messaging service which allows you to describe the exact location of the signed legal copies of your documents and to provide a detailed list of assets for your Executor. (When you pass away, let us worry about communicating this information to the people you specify.)
  • You can document your funeral wishes and organ donation preferences, and optionally make them accessible online to your family members when it is required.
  • At any time, you can extend your initial 1-year storage option, at highly discounted prices:
    Add 1 year: $11.95 CAD
    Add 5 years: $24.95 CAD (50% savings)
    Add 10 years: $34.95 CAD (70% savings)
    Add 25 years: $74.95 CAD (75% savings)
    Lifetime: $124.95 CAD
  • Full privacy and security of all of your information. All communication over the Internet is fully encrypted using 256-bit "SSL" security. Also, your data is stored in a fully encrypted format on our servers --- nobody can see what you've written (not even us).
  • Daily backups of all of your information to protect against catastrophic data loss.

40% Off For Your Spouse or Partner

After you have completed and paid for your own document(s), you will be provided with a special discount code that can be used by your spouse or partner to obtain a 40% discount off any order.

Legal Document Reviews

We have a special team of lawyers available who can review your completed Will, Power of Attorney or Living Will for consistency and completeness.

This is an optional service that is only available after you have paid for your document(s).
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